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Migration Services NYC

Ready to move to the cloud? 

Nexus has the experience to make your migration process seamless, secure, and minimize down-time.

Our team can take care of the entire process from the strategy, execution, documentation and training, or work alongside your team to augment your capacity and capability.

What are Azure Migration Services?

Azure Migrate is the platform used by Microsoft Azure Migration Services to help organizations discover, assess, size, and migrate private and public cloud workloads to Azure. Azure Migrate provides a central hub to evaluate Windows and Linux physical and virtual servers, databases, web applications, and virtual desktops and migrate them to Azure. Source environments include Hyper-V, VMWare, AWS, and GCP.

Cloud migration is complex. Organizations use multiple tools to migrate workloads to Azure, which help them:  

  • Discover and assess migrated servers and applications
  • Right-size target VMs in Azure
  • Track progress and monitor migration projects

Additionally, organizations want comprehensive solutions that migrate on-premises physical and virtual servers and applications, at scale, from anywhere to Azure. This is precisely what Azure Migration Services and the associated Azure Migrate platform do.

Digital Workspace

We support migrations from on-premises to M365 as well as SharePoint Classic to SharePoint Modern. We help you modernize your employee’s remote work experience and we help you create a plan to optimize your cost savings.

  • Migrate aging systems and legacy web applications to take full advantage of the Azure cloud.
  • Create new opportunities in the market with cloud-based, modernized applications.
  • No matter your starting point, our team of experts can provide the migration, development and change management services required to move to M365.

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